Ricettario visionario

Marcello Carrà

Marcello Carrà

a cura di Eva Beccati

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In the year of EXPO, MLB Maria Livia Brunelli Home Gallery presents, from 20 September to 8 November, a spectacular exhibition that revisits in an ironic and at the same time critical key the theme of nutrition in relation to the exploitation of natural resources and relationship between food and money.
Marcello Carrà has created a new series of works for this exhibition, made exclusively with pen biro or with very fine nibs, through the which offers some considerations on the themes of EXPO 2015. Recipes and elixirs unpublished and unlikely, the result of a careful and cynical survey, which is a hallmark of the artist's production.
A "visionary recipe book" of dishes and preparations based on endangered animals, if not already gone, triggers a series of reflections on the indiscriminate exploitation of the fauna and resources of the Earth in general, apparently obvious but regularly circumvented reflections. Based on these assumptions, Marcello Carrà delves into a critical analysis of the "EXPO event" and the real forces involved with respect to the intent of the event.
Starting from a new and unprecedented version of Foody, the mascot of EXPO, up to a series of works with fluids in double-glazing, which covertly investigate the relationship between food and money, both in terms of unequal distribution, and with regard to speculations linked to productivity, the "visionary recipe book" by Marcello Carrà is strongly connected to real problems, while maintaining its own ironic and imaginative character. The result is a subtle distortion of meaning, in the direction of a subtle black humor, which is well suited to the caustic and at the same time playful sensitivity of the artist.

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Invitation to the vernissage:

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